Tasty Sweet Potato Fries

Tasty Sweet Potato Fries

Tasty Sweet Potato Fries

Tasty Sweet Potato Fries a Pinoy Recipe. Potato Fries is a popular snacks of filipinos, made from Sweet Potato or Camote.


Cooking oil


Sweet potato/Camote

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  1. Peel the sweet potato then slice it length-wise just like how fries look like.
  2. Put the sliced sweet potato into a bowl then add sugar into it.
  3. Mix it until the sugar is evenly distributed on all the sliced sweet potato.
  4. Preheat the pan then add enough amount of cooking oil for deep frying.
  5. Add the sliced sweet potato and make sure there’s enough space in the pan.
  6. Put a wax paper on the serving bowl before putting the cooked sweet potato so it will absorb remaining oil.

Best served with this Tuna sandwich​

Sweet potato fries

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